A wild referee appears!


Look at it. It’s so beautiful.

Sorry, it’s been a while. Blame my ridiculous insides.

Firstly, thank you to everyone who pledged on my pledge drive. Thank you so much. You have enabled me to pay my flights and book my registration, so I will definitely be at the Bingham Cup. I’m excited, I’m nervous, and I’m totally humbled.

I’m also going to be travelling in a unicorn onesie. The people have spoken!

Anyway, rugby.

It’s always bad when you sleep in a bit and you can’t have a shower before your game. It’s REALLY bad when your game is at 4:00pm.

But I still made it to Mount Roskill Grammar to referee their girls team against Epsom Girls Grammar. While Roskill ended up winning 40-19, the game was a lot closer than that, and were it not for two converted tries in the last five minutes, EGGS could have won. Great game, played in excellent spirit though – even if neither team knew when it was scrum time.

Having been out for two weeks, lost a bunch of weight, and having just finished anti-biotics, I was worried about my fitness. I needn’t have been. By 20 minutes in both teams were walking. It’s kind of disappointing, as the games would be even better if the teams could run a bit more.

Though I’ll be in for a shock this weekend – three whole games! I’ll let you know if I survive.

Oh, and Mummy visited. She gave me a get-well gift. That lovely full tank of petrol there.

Round trip from home to Mt Roskill – 28.2km.


Shallow grave in the woods – no paperwork!

I was going to blog about the ridiculousness which made up my weekend, but after the game this afternoon I have a bunch of extremely tedious paperwork to do, so blogging will have to wait.

Certain players are lucky my proposed paperwork management system is considered unethical. 

Scrum, green. A scrum. No, a scrum. Scrum, it’s a scrum, would all the forwards please come here it is a scrum *repeat forever*

Girls rugby. As much as I mock it (And I mock it a lot) I quite like secondary schoolgirls rugby and I think it’s bullshit that referees associations guarantee referees for boys games but not girls ones.

So off I trundled to Western Springs (a school which forcefully reminded me of my own high school) to referee Western Springs vs Mt Roskill Grammar. This year it’s 12-a-side, up from 10-a-side, with 6 forwards and 6 backs.

The field was interesting. First I noted it was small. Then I noted it seemed even smaller because there were league markings on it. Try explaining where a five metre scrum is, when there’s no five metre marking and there’s no 22 either.

In fact, the “what in the Lord’s name is a scrum?” thing was amusing. Regularly I was left standing as both teams retreated back 10 metres with my arm out saying “Scrum. It’s a scrum. The ball’s gone forward. Please all the forwards come here. That means six of you.” Not only had no one explained the signals, they all seemed utterly confused when I did try to explain it. it wasn’t helpful that I was losing my voice and so signals were what we had to communicate with.

After 45ish minutes of regular confusion, Mt Roskill won by a huge margin. I think both teams had fun though.

No updates for this weekend as I have laryngitis and won’t be refereeing unless I feel loads better by Sunday. This has a silver lining though, because Otahuhu College apparently ate my flags, and I haven’t got any new ones yet.

Western Springs is just 4.5 km from my house, thankfully.