Some observations

I’m not going to write about the weekend because I don’t want to and it’s my blog. I’ll do it on Thursday, poke me about it or something.

Instead I’m going to write about today, when despite having dragged my barely-concious self out of bed at 4 am to go to work, an email came asking for someone to referee at Sacred Heart this afternoon, and I said yes. I’m a compulsive volunteer. I may need an intervention.

Anyway, here’s some things I realised on the way.

1) I may make fun of the ARRA’s slim-fit uniforms, but they’re actually much nicer than trying to referee in a tent. Due to me being a normal human being with a job and things, I hadn’t washed my kit from Saturday and wow, it smelled nasty. I thus wore my old Wellington kit, which despite being sized ‘small’ could fit two of me in there. I looked like a scarecrow and kept getting my elbows tangled.

2) Head injuries are no fun. One kid copped an accidental sprig to the head, cutting his forhead open and sending him to la-la-land. (Note to any ARRA folk reading: yes, I filled out the serious injury form. Form, then blog – I got it.) I played my best older brother – kinda tough as I’m the youngest of four brothers – and told him there was no need for him to try and get up, that he could lie down if it was better, and then asked inane questions to try and keep him awake. He went to hospital with a suspected broken eye-socket. Poor boy, hope he’s feeling better soon.

3) Sacred Heart is a really long drive to get to from West Auckland. It wouldn’t be so bad if there was more motorways, but it’s all a tiki-tour through Remuera. A mere 21.4 km takes 26 minutes. And when you try and get back during rush hour, it takes 50 minutes. I refereed for 50 minutes. This is a very poor travel-to-game time ratio.

4) My GPS is learning. The voice is learning to pronouce Maori names – what was once R’moo-ra is now Rem-ewe-ra. I’m not sure how I feel about this. It’s nice not to have to guess the directions based on dodgy phonics, but the idea my GPS is capable of independent study weirds me out. 

It still calls Waitakere “Way-taker” though. So it’s not smarter than me yet.

A particularly aggravating 42.8 km added to the total.


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