Okay so…

Yeah, I’ve not exactly been making with the updates.  But I have been making with the refereeing, and I have been keeping track of the kilometres.

Last Friday marked something interesting and kind of impressive  – the first time this year I travelled to referee in something other than my Toyota. I was lucky enough to get in on the opportunity to referee rippa rugby for little Blues Day, and I travelled to and from Eden Park by train. It was a great event, I took my boots off, as all the kids were barefoot and I didn’t want to spike anyone. The grass on Eden Park is very nice, if a little squishy.

I have a team, my team has a coach, and it’s nice to feel part of something like that again. It’s awesome to see the guys who have never played rugby before this season get super into it, making tackles and passing the ball around. There are 10 guys who are taking their first moves into rugby as adults – no juniors or schoolboys to prepare them. I admire them immensely – and I’ll be getting to referee them a lot, as I’m the pet ref. Last week’s rivals – College Rifles Presidents were kind of shocked to have a ref who actually knew the rules!

And how much travelling have I done since I last posted? Well with eight games and three meetings that I remember, I have clocked up a fairly impressive 302.7 km!

Only five of those were on the train.


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