Any questions?

I got to lead a Rugby 101 type session on Thursday, which was both good fun and I felt was fairly successful – though it was hampered some by only six or so showing up and no one being terribly keen on rolling in damp grass. (Fair call, I wasn’t doing it.)

From a refereeing point of view it was helpful to have to demonstrate and articulate what I look for when I see the ‘picture’ isn’t quite right. It helped organise things in my brainhead, which is always nice.

The ground was a short 12.8km round trip. 


I’m a T-Rex. Only not awesome.

I’ve hooked up with the Falcons, a social rugby team, to ease the burden that is training on your own (worst part of life as a referee) and yesterday I got to remind myself why I don’t try to play the game, because it involves all kinds of passing and catching and yelling my name loudly so everyone is looking when I drop the ball. It was fun though.

Because I can’t get tackled*, I sat out a couple of the drills. One of which was high-ball practice. This of course necessitated someone to put  the ball up to catch, and since I was just standing around that person was deemed to be me.

Today my arms and chest hurt, from too much throwing. I am such a weakling.

Training was at Western Springs, so it was a short 8.5km round trip. Bonus.

*Reason 1: I broke my neck when I was 19; reason 2: I weigh 55 kgs soaking wet.