Standards people!

A 12.5 + < 5.35 < 2.40
B 11.8 – 12.4 5.36 – 5.70 2.41 – 2.70
C 11.0 – 11.7 5.71 – 6.10 2.71 – 2.99
D 10.2 – 10.9 6.11 – 6.29 3.00 – 3.30
E < 10.2 6.30 + 3.31 +

These are what the NZRU says we, as referees, should aspire to. (note: The beep test is often replaced by the yoyo. Both are recognised by the Geneva Convention as forms of torture.)

I have no freaking clue what any of my scores are. The only one which is easily measured is the 40m sprint, which I am not confident I can get higher than a D on. And that’s a fail at any university I’ve attended. (Current number of uni’s attended=3)

So these numbers will stare at me, mockingly, as I battle to move from frighteningly skinny unfit kid, to refereeing machine.

As recovery from Saturday I went to the pools. It was a bad idea – very expensive, lots of kids staring at my scars, and facilities which were great when they were built at the end of last century but are now just sad. I ended up with sore arms and smelling of chlorine. I should harden up and go to the beach. The water’s cold as hell, but at least it’s free.


One comment on “Standards people!

  1. Not Clinically Insane says:

    Or do as I do…. ignore them totally!

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