Standards people!

A 12.5 + < 5.35 < 2.40
B 11.8 – 12.4 5.36 – 5.70 2.41 – 2.70
C 11.0 – 11.7 5.71 – 6.10 2.71 – 2.99
D 10.2 – 10.9 6.11 – 6.29 3.00 – 3.30
E < 10.2 6.30 + 3.31 +

These are what the NZRU says we, as referees, should aspire to. (note: The beep test is often replaced by the yoyo. Both are recognised by the Geneva Convention as forms of torture.)

I have no freaking clue what any of my scores are. The only one which is easily measured is the 40m sprint, which I am not confident I can get higher than a D on. And that’s a fail at any university I’ve attended. (Current number of uni’s attended=3)

So these numbers will stare at me, mockingly, as I battle to move from frighteningly skinny unfit kid, to refereeing machine.

As recovery from Saturday I went to the pools. It was a bad idea – very expensive, lots of kids staring at my scars, and facilities which were great when they were built at the end of last century but are now just sad. I ended up with sore arms and smelling of chlorine. I should harden up and go to the beach. The water’s cold as hell, but at least it’s free.


First engagement of the year! Running the line at the Middlesex Sevens. Fun in the sun but revealing – I am unfit, can’t hack all that running. And again, my takeoff speed is slow. Great to be back though, took a bit to get my rugby head back on but I’m happy enough. 

In slight farce, I had to tie the comms gear on because the vest was way too big. On the plus side, my tiny uniform now fits.


Kilometers to get there: 26

Kilometers to get to next appointment: 18

Total: 44km. Heikki and I spent quality time together. 

How far will I go?

In this, my fifth year of refereeing rugby union in New Zealand, I’m often asked about how far I want to go. I don’t answer the way I would like “No further than Otahuhu, thanks” – but it leads me to wonder how far I do go to referee? How many km’s will me and my trusty car Heikki go? How far will I travel by bus, train, plane and shoelace express?

I’ll keep a log of my games, and anything else I feel like besides, and come the end of the year, we will see how far I’ve gone.